Hotel Excelsior,
2007 - 2010.

Typography Design, Hotel Excelsior, Art Director, 2007-2010, Designers Arthur Asseo, María Maldonado, Mayela Mercedes, Rachel Hernández, Danny Rivera, Verónica Cano and Josue Oquendo. Description: Development of epistemological knowledge through the design methodology of typeface project to study a socio political and cultural phenomena.

Transforming the 11-letter logo from lettering to a digital typography summoned two intertextual considerations: the rescue, true to the spirit of a graphic designer who had no formal training, or the fixing, its formal typographic errors. Creating this typeface unraveled a social paradigm: where does democracy— placed in colonial and neocolonial societies— reside in the context of a post-colonial world. The procedural knowledge developed in this praxis of design implies a philosophical way of thinking about sociopolitical phenomena. Reflecting from a pragmatic perspective, the act of deconstruction of a design artifact has unveiled unresolved historical and political issues.


Presentacion tipográfica Hotel Excelsior 2009

Cátedra Haití,
2010, Educational platform for social responsibility in the design teaching practice.

Aimed at designing an educational platform for social responsibility and at the coordination of faculties and students of Architecture, Industrial, and Graphic Design from various universities, the project seeks: to offer Haiti realistic alternatives in its second stage of post-earthquake reconstruction process; to build a user centered co-location holistic team; to develop formless practitioners; to improve interpersonal relationships; and to publish a manual for design educators and students who want to address real projects in postcolonial and colonial classrooms. Resulting design proposals will be presented in to community members in Haití. This project is done in conjuction with Escuela Internacional de Diseño, University of Turabo and American Institute of Architects,
Student Chapter, Puerto Rico.


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