Process Documentation: 2006-2005

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Documentation of the process of «Enable Blue», 2005-2006. Edition of 7, paintings install on a room's upper corners.

[1] Sketch of the painting (drawing on the wall), [2] structure with Gold Leaf and Benier panel (later rejected), [3] Quicktime movie of aluminum shell structure for optical illusion, and [4] final sketch with Laminated Shells on "quiebrasoles". Know also as "brise-soleil" this is a "sun-breaking" architectural device that was used extensively in the forties and fifties in Puerto Rico. Artist selected the following shells: Donkey Root Beer MOP Oyster, Purple Paua Abalone and Donkey Green MOP Oyster from Anita Marquetry LTD. Optical distorted "quiebrasoles" was first used in «Pink (To Monroe)».

[5] Industrial White Enamel on MDF (the Formica was substituted) and Laminated Shells on the right. At back it can be seen the first prototype and at left, the final model with Gold Leaf preparation and linen on Mahogany. MDF stand for Melamina pulp (wood fiber pulp). [6] The full assembly of all parts and at right, detail of Laminated Shells already places on the inside of one of the "quiebrasoles". [7] The aluminum shell structure that hold the painting, first prototype painted with oil and plastic microphere (later rejected) on Benier panel, and at left, final unfinish piece on Mahogany. At front the "quiebrasoles" part, and at back the other six paintings. [8] Checking reflection and color displacement on the white (very subtle in the right) by the Laminated Shells (that are on the left). [9] Detail of gold reflecting on the blue (Phthalo Blue Deep and Quinacridone Magenta oils, glass microphere with light alkyde resin). [10] Glass Microphere and oil pigments (close up) and fellow painter Nora Maité Nieves assisting the artist.

Two of the seven painting were first shown at «CIRCA Puerto Rico ’06».

«Enable Blue», October 7, 2005 2 «Enable Blue», November 12, 2005

 4 «Enable Blue», January 14, 2006

«Enable Blue», April 11, 2006  6 «Enable Blue», April 11, 2006

«Enable Blue», April 11, 2006  8 «Enable Blue», April 19, 2006  9 «Enable Blue», April 19, 2006

10 «Enable Blue», April 28, 2006


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